Collection Bohemian

A juicy collection full of sparkly reflections and ornaments! These handbags are made in the most beautiful, trendy Summer colors, but wearable all year long. All the designs are simple, classic and elegant. Some bags are paired with extravagant luxurious straps that give them a truly Bohemian look.

Elizabeth Bohemian "SAND" Silver

245 € in stock · The last piece

Cardholder Bohemian "SAND" Silver

60 € in stock · The last pieces

Aria Bohemian "SAND" GOLD wallet

110 € in stock

Aria Bohemian "SAND" wallet

110 € in stock

Ariana Bohemian "SAND" GOLD wallet

135 € in stock

Viktoria Bohemian "Sand" Gold

245 € in stock

Robi Bohemian "SAND" Gold

290 € in stock

Ariana Bohemian "SAND" wallet

135 € in stock

Cardholder Bohemian "SAND" Gold

60 € in stock

Kristyna Bohemian "SAND" Gold

210 € in production in the store

Lisa Bohemian "SAND" SILVER

235 € in stock

Slim Credit Cardholder Bohemian "SAND" Gold

50 € in stock
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