Women's hand-held bags

Women's hand-held bags

A hand-held bag looks elegant and sophisticated, and allows you to keep it safe and under control at all times.

Karin Trinity Magnificent

1015 € in production

Viktoria Trinity "Brown"

310 € in production in stock

Viktoria Bohemian "Sand" Gold

250 € in stock

Kristyna Bohemian "SAND" Gold

220 € in production in stock

Lisa Bohemian "SAND" SILVER

265 € in stock · The last pieces

Klementinka Medium Bohemian "AVOCADO" Gold

230 € in production

Vivienne Bohemian "AUBURN" Silver

235 € in stock

Karin Orion "BLACK" + Strap

545 € in production in stock

Karin Atlantis "LIGHT BLUE"

615 € in production

Kristyna Bohemian "NERO" Silver

220 € in production

Viktoria Bohemian "Nero" Gold

250 € in production in stock

Elizabeth Bohemian "NERO" Gold

255 € in production in stock
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