Quality Slovak leather handbags for all occasions, for every season and for all women. Handbags minimalist and extravagant, casual and elegant.

Vivienne Trinity "Brown"

315 € in production

Scarf Trinity "Brown"

75 € in stock

Karin Trinity Magnificent

1015 € Na objednávku

Aria Trinity "Brown"

130 € in stock

Coat Trinity "Brown"

210 € in stock

Aria Bohemian "LION" GOLD wallet

110 € in stock · Posledné kúsky

Cap Trinity "Brown" Unisex

50 € in stock

Ariana Bohemian "LION" wallet

135 € in stock

Scarf Trinity "Brown" Unisex

60 € in stock

Aria Bohemian "CARDINAL" GOLD wallet

110 € in stock

Viktoria Bohemian "Nero" Gold

245 € in stock

Women's belt Trinity "Brown"

75 € in stock
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